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I.  General Information



Title of Position:                                               Young Graduate
Type of Contract: Internship
Duration of the assignment: One year
Duty station: Target districts – Somaliland
Supervisor:     MOI DG
Second Supervisor: Executive Secretary

II. Organization Context

Somaliland Ministry of Interior (MoI) is responsible for the local government’s portfolio, including district council development, establishing systems for local governance structures and strengthening their capacity with a view to promoting democratic and accountable local governments that provide better basic services for stability and enhanced peace. In this regard, the MoI supports service delivery at local level through political, fiscal and administrative decentralization.  Local Governments (encompassing local administrations and district councils) are the third and lowest tier of elected / representative government and are crucial to building confidence in government structures because of their proximity to citizens – and likelihood of it being the first encounter for people with government. District Councils provide basic services to the public in coordination with the regions and national.


District councils face a range of challenges related to development planning including lack of strategic planning mechanism and personnel that results in low district capacity to adapt its programmes and service delivery to the changing needs of stakeholders, lack of adequate baseline data and effective data management skills and systems to inform planning processes. The MoI, District Administrations and UN Joint Programme on Local Governance and Decentralized Service Delivery in Somaliland (JPLG) realized the need of strengthening the local administration, finance and planning processes and they are in the process of institutionalizing district planning {including district development framework (DDF), annual work plans and budgeting (AWPB) process, administration, financial management, and human resources management} to ensure the improvement of the capacity of district councils to plan local priorities and strengthen the implementation of new functions in support of decentralized service delivery.


The young graduates (YG) programme was envisaged as an important initial step to support local governments to overcome the constraints occasioned by limited availability of skilled civil servants.  The YG programme also aims at increasing the numbers of youth with local governance skills that will be crucial to the future running of the local governments.


In this context, the MoI intends to hire Young Graduates with skills and educational background related to the main functional areas of local governments namely administration, finance and planning. The YGs will be seconded to key districts departments, LGI and MOI.



The UN Joint Programme on Local Governance and Decentralized Service Delivery in Somaliland (JPLG) which is a five-year joint programme comprising ILO, UNCDF, UNDP, UN-HABITAT and UNICEF with the overall goal of “creating an enabling environment for improved service delivery and greater stability, through improved legal, policy and system frameworks – building the knowledge of those working in and with local governments” will support the MoI in recruiting the Young Graduates. The JPLG III will support enhanced local government capacities with greater attention given to women, youth and minority groups. Under the direct supervision of the Mayor, the YGs are expected to work with the districts’ department of planning and administration / finance. The positions are for a limited period of nine months.


III. Objectives of the assignment


The Young Graduates will provide support to the local governments to fill in the capacity gaps in administration, finance and planning while ensuring they also gain experience in local governance. This will also increase the number of youths with local governance skills that can be absorbed into the civil service.


IV. Scope of work
·         Assist the districts Departments of Administration and Finance in the implementation of the human resource manual and regulation

·         Participate and facilitate training on human resource management modules and office management and administration manuals

·         Assist the personnel unit in maintaining proper district staff files on attendance, leave, absenteeism, benefits and claims.

·         Help districts to establish gender friendly work environment and provide advice on retention of women employees in local governments

·         Support the administration department to ensure appropriate handling and filing of all documents of relevant to district operations

·         Work with the districts Departments of Planning in preparation of the annual work plans and budgets, community consultations for projects prioritization, DDF reviews and implementation of the District Participatory Planning and Financial Guideline (DPFG)

·         Participate and facilitate trainings on district plans

·         Review previous and existing plans/processes to ensure linkages with state and national plans / processes.

·         Assist districts in preparing plans that prioritize specific needs for women, children and vulnerable groups.


V. Monitoring and Reporting


The Young Graduates will provide quarterly progress reports to the District Mayor and JPLG summarizing work done not later than 20 days after the end of the quarter. The reports are to be endorsed by MOI and approved by the Supervisor. These will form the basis for end of contract performance evaluation.


VI: Qualifications and Experience

Education: University Degree in Social Science, Business Administration, Public Administration, Development Studies, Political Science, Economics, applied Statistics, Decentralization and Local Governance, and other related Fields.
Experience: The candidates should have graduated from University within the last 3 years. Government staff will not be part of this young graduates (YG) internship programme.
Language Requirements: Fluency in written and spoken Somali and English required.
VII: Other information


All the applicants from the districts should be women.
VIII. Application submission
Please send your curriculum vitae with at least 2 referees, cover letter (highlighting what the graduate will contribute to the institution and what you expect to gain from the experience – maximum 500 words) and certified copy of university certificate marked Young Graduate” by 30/07/ 2021 to saed.jibril1@gmail.com   and copy mohamoud.hussein@undp.org


MoI will only be able to respond to those applications in which there is further interest.